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Thousands of people, maybe like you, were tired of being chronically ill, overweight, and depressed, at last got relief as a result of our proven Next Level Healing Program that includes enzyme nutrition, dietary alternatives and lifestyle recommendations.

Now you can discover for yourself the extraordinary feeling of superior health that comes from boosted immunity, normalized metabolism and elimination of body toxins.


"With a health history including Lyme Disease, hives, chronic skin disorders and eye problems, I had tried numerous treatments with little success. Within two weeks of following the Next Level Healing Program, I was amazed at the change in my energy levels. My skin has healed and my eyesight is improving. My allergies to life in general are gone." – Leah G., Morris Plains, NJ

Dear Friends,

Hi, I’m Susan Richter, Director at Next Level Healing. I am a registered nurse, lecturer, and guest speaker on many TV and radio health shows around the New York metropolitan area.

I have been educating groups about digestive wellness, nutrition and detoxification through many speaking engagements that include Gary Nulls’ Seminar, Center for Holistic Healing, Community Chiropractics, Lockhart Chiropractic, Fordham University, and many Health Expos. I have also appeared on television with Greta Martin (America, A View from the Top) and Dr. Dave Barrett, III (For the Health of It).

Why Am I Doing This?

Twenty seven years ago I was in the same place many of you are in now - trying to heal myself from chronic illness that was sapping my energy and preventing me from living a more vibrant, fulfilling and healthy life.

I was so desperate for relief that I took my healing into my own hands and read as much as I could on alternative holistic methods. I was shocked to find out how little of the nutrients from the foods we eat actually get into our cells! I realized that my body was starving for the essential nutrients it needed to function properly. After I healed, my mission became to dramatically improve the health of my own clients using the healing program I developed through personal experience.

We would love the opportunity to take your health to the next level. Give us a call 973-586-0626 or e-mail us today and get 20% off the initial assessment starter package.

This client improved her stomach pain and overall well-being dramatically and with our healing system….

"I am taking the digestive enzymes which have helped me digest my food completely, relieving stomach pain, indigestion and poor absorption. Prior to this I was experiencing stomach bloating, pain and indigestion. Since taking the enzymes, these symptoms have improved tremendously. I used to be hungry all the time, but now since I am digesting my food properly, I am not hungry between meals at all. In fact, I have to remind myself to eat." – Pat D., Rutherford, NJ

How does the Next Level Healing Program work?

Step 1

The first thing we do at our office is a review of the Signs and Symptoms Personalized Analysis. This is the only questionnaire of its kind designed to identify dietary deficiencies of food components like carbohydrates, proteins, fats, vitamins, minerals and enzymes.


Step 2

The second step is a 24-Hour Urinalysis that obtains objective results to correlate to your symptoms. This 24-hour sample is a very accurate picture of what you ate and drank and most importantly how it affected you!



Step 3

The third step is the Homeostatic Digestive ChallengeTest, used to determine which of the many body parts are not working toward maintaining the whole body. The cause could be structural, nutritional, or emotional.

This Palpatory Diagnostic Exam allows us to see where the body is experiencing stress by simply palpating "pressure points" related to each system or organ.

A stressed organ, for example, has increased muscle tension that we can feel using our method. Findings explain symptoms in a purely holistic fashion, allowing us to correct the structural (body) support, enzyme nutrition and diet. Changes – even the smallest – renew hope and enhance emotional healing as well.


Step 4

After we pinpoint the source of your dis-ease, your guided personalized Next Level Healing can now begin! You will receive a customized plan that may involve digestive therapy, colonic enema irrigation, ray infrared saunas, structural correction, and a diet plan.


Thank you Susan for the greatest gift you can give anyone. Their health! I didn’t understand what real health was all about until I experienced your Ultimate Next Level Healing Program. Symptoms I had for years disappeared right in front of my eyes. My allergies are gone. My skin eruptions completely went away. My sinuses are miraculously clear and now I experience a feeling in my body I haven’t felt for years! I will tell everybody about your program. – Jamie G. – Morristown, NJ

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As you can see, the results these patients experienced were phenomenal. You could be enjoying similar or even better results!!

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Susan Richter R.N.
Director of Next Level Healing Center

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